Sadhguru on health-90% of your health will be taken care of if you follow this-Yogic wisdom

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Sadhguru gives tips on health and how to become healthy.
He tells that health is something which is in our own hands. Our body becomes healthier the more we use it. Sadhguru’s wisdom is incorporated in this video as to how one should eat and fast.
He also tell us how to follow a healthy diet. Sadhguru explains how he weighs the same now and when he was just 19.
Sadhguru also explains healthy eating habits as per yogic traditions.
A healthy life and a healthy mind can be achieved through yogic culture .
Do watch the whole video till the end to gain maximum benefit.
If you follow Sadhguru’s advice 90 % of your health will be taken care of !.
The remaining 10 % depends upon various other factors as he explains in this video.
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