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ORIJEN® WholePrey Ingredients Can Fuel Your Dog’s Outdoor Adventures

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This article was published in partnership with ORIJEN®.

You know how the expression goes—dog is man’s best friend. That means your pet is also your hiking buddy, your running partner, your camping companion, the captain of your paddleboard, and so much more. And just like you, your dog needs a nutrient-dense diet to fuel these outdoor adventures and epic feats.

That’s why it’s so important to find the just-right dog food that can support your dog’s active lifestyle while also promoting a long, healthy life. Think about it: Centuries ago, your dog’s ancestors weren’t munching on the cheap filler grains like wheat, corn, or tapioca that are common in today’s pet foods. They were in the wild, sinking their teeth into tender meat.

Inspired by your dog’s ancestral diet that was rich in animal-based protein like meat and poultry, ORIJEN® foods are packed with nourishment and premium ingredients that are in sync with what nature intended for your pet to eat. All ORIJEN® foods are Biologically Appropriate—meaning that fresh or raw1 meat, poultry, or fish always make up the first five ingredients.

In another nod to the way dogs eat naturally, the team at ORIJEN® pet food pioneered the ancestral feeding philosophy behind WholePrey protein sources, and all of ORIJEN® pet foods feature WholePrey ingredients—that means the foods include muscle meat, organs, and bone. These ingredients provide the essential nutrients pets need, such as amino acids, fatty acids, and balanced minerals, says Dr. Darcia Kostiuk, senior veterinarian for ORIJEN®.

“In the wild, dogs’ ancestors naturally consumed these succulent and nutritious parts of their prey, which is why we include these whole-animal ingredients in all our ORIJEN® diets,” Kostiuk tells Men’s Journal.

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