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Men’s Fitness 101: Chest

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Video Description: Did you know that your chest is broken down into three different muscle areas, all of which may need some special exercises to fully grow? Follow Darrell Holloman, fitness expert and model, as he walks through the exercises, diet and mind set that leads to a well-developed chest.

Video Transcript: Chest has three components, the upper chest, you got a middle chest and the lower chest.So how do you train to get a nice developed chest, you want three different exercises for the three different layers of it. For example, lower chest, decline bench press, middle chest, we want dumbbell, flat bench flies, and upper chest, thats where a lot of the chest area is, if you raise your arms and your chest disappears you have to really do more incline dumbbell press or incline bench press.
There’s science to training chest and it’s what we call pyramiding. You do fifteen reps of warmup, then you go to ten, then you go to eight, then six, then you go to four. You can use that as a template, or a base. But if it’s not working for you after four to five weeks then you need to alter your workout routine.
With different chest designs, one chest look flatter on looks more round, that’s genetics. You can build your chest to where your genetic disposition is, but as far as designing the chest to look flatter, look rounder, thats impossible, because it’s really genetics. You just work your chest, and then you don’t over think it, and then you build a nice chest towards your genetics.

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