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Best Bikepacking Gear for Ride-Camp-Ride Adventures

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Ride your bike, camp, ride your bike, camp…bikepacking might just be the perfect blend of adventures. Not only can you cover a lot more ground compared to traditional backpacking, you also can carry more gear to make your campsite that much more comfortable. Of course you don’t want to overload yourself with too much stuff, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best lightweight bikepacking gear to keep you on the trail longer and farther.

To go the distance on a bike laden with the essentials across varied terrain, you need the best in a broad range of categories. These days, there are tons of bikepacking gear that will make your life pedaling down a dusty trail more comfortable and rewarding. From sturdy racks that can handle heavy loads to tents specifically designed to attach to your bike to bright lights that keep you on the right path in low visibility, there are lots of options for the hardy camping cyclist.

Here’s everything you need to dial in your bikepacking kit the next time you head out.

Best Bikepacking Gear for Ride-Camp-Ride Adventures

The Sea to Summit Telos has a special version that's made just for bikepacking.
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1. Sea to Summit Telos Bikepacking TR2 Tent

You can try to cram your old backpacking tent into your kit, but the new Telos Bikepacking TR2 is designed specifically for bikepacking with shortened poles that fit onto your handlebars. The tent is also packed inside two waterproof dry bags, so you can split the load between your packs and face rainstorms or mud puddles worry-free. As for the tent itself, it’s particularly roomy thanks to the Tension Ridge architecture, which creates vertical walls and adds headroom to the two-person interior for increased ventilation so the walls won’t be dripping when you wake up.


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