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WBFF Worlds 2021 Men’s Fitness Model Pro Champion Winning Performance

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I’m not much of a crier but, my prep leading into WBFF Worlds was one the most difficult physical, mental & emotional challenges of my life.
Preparing to compete is a grueling process. Absolutely debilitating. Add self doubt and life unexpected and it can push you to the edge.
After prepping for 5 shows last year (pandemic cancelled) & finally competing/winning USA championship in Nov, I knew that I had to take it up yet another level to earn top honors at Worlds. Day by day I endured & felt was on track until “life” happened.
Meanwhile Caroline De Campos & I were trying to get pregnant to no avail. A few months out we started IVF. What an emotional rollercoaster. Ultimately we wound up with one healthy fertilized embryo for implantation. A true God send. I was invigorated & began channeling my future baby girl to power me through. Than, 3 weeks out Dad went to the ER & they had difficulty figuring out what was wrong. I wanted to rush home but after speaking to him & because we had so many clients also competing, I decided to stick it out. Unfortunately my dad remained questionable through the show & although I kept pushing though many sleepless nights, I questioned my decision heavily. Than 2 days out Caro’s grandfather passed away which was devastating. We did our best to put on a game face, take care of our clients & try to stay locked in, but I felt so physically and emotionally drained, I knew I needed help. I prayed channeling God, my father, Caro’s grandfather, my guardians and future baby girl to give me the strength to execute to my fullest potential and I needed every ounce of it. When I watch this video it literally brings tears to my eyes knowing what I was going though. Not just because I manifested a childhood dream of becoming a world champion, nor how difficult the road; but because of how blessed I feel that my friends and loved ones were there for me when I needed them most. It truly is magical and humbling to realize with the grace of God, support of many and the power of love, even the seemingly impossible is possible.

WBFF Men’s Fitness World Champion 2021.

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