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Top Tailgating Essentials for Parking Lot Pregames

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The time is nigh—football games are sprouting up all over the nation. College and NFL stadium parking lots are swelling with fanatics that are just ready for some football… and the good eats…and the good brews that come with it. The key to a successful pregame is preparedness and organization. Both will be put to the test pre- and mid-tailgate. That’s why it’s so important to have good tailgating essentials.

This list of great gear will help you through the process. We’ve selected items that cover lounging, cooking, and entertainment. Just make sure you pack the basics like disposable aluminum sheet pans, napkins or paper towels, spatula and tongs, garbage bags, utensils—and your favorite grub to toss on the grill.

Get your cooler packed, posse assembled, and stock up on the best tailgating essentials of the season to host an epic tailgating throw-down.

Top Tailgating Essentials for Parking Lot Pregames

Sit pretty at your tailgate party with the Dometic GO camping chair.
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1. Dometic GO Compact Camp Chair

To stand or not to stand is the question when milling about at a tailgate. One philosophy is that you’ll be sitting the whole game so why wear out your butt while pre-gaming? The other thought is that maybe your parents or your significant other will want to sit and chat with like-minded loungers. The Dometic Camp Chair is for the sitters in your group who also like a solid, comfortable chair that puts those bargain store, upright cheapos to shame. It folds up easily, has a durable aluminum tube frame wrapped in heavy-duty fabric, and can support up to 280 pounds—perfect for any former lineman buddies.


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