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Top 3 Places to Get Dirty on International Off-Road Day

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You likely don’t need much of an excuse to go off-roading, but just in case a little push closes the deal, October 8 has been conveniently marked as International Off-Road Day.

See, it works—now you’re already thinking of conquering trails behind the wheel of a high-powered UTV. But where? Below are a trio of top off-roading destinations from coast to coast, all of which offer nearby rental outfitters.

1. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia

Hundreds of miles of former mining and logging roads have been repurposed into a rider’s paradise that sprawls through forested mountains terrain over several counties. Whether you crave moderate, scenic trails or black-diamond ascents, there are options aplenty. Best of all, the entire area has gone off-road crazy, with bunkhouses and campgrounds near every trailhead. Small “connector” towns even allow growling UTVs to roam their streets to refuel or stop for a burger.

Best UTV rental outfitters in the area: WV ATV Resort and Trailhead Adventures.

2. Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

Southern Utah’s signature red rocks and sand dunes provide a stunning backdrop to this popular off-roading destination that surrounds a blue-water reservoir. It’s also home to the annual, family-friendly Trail Hero gathering of off-road enthusiasts (Oct. 3-8), and where International Off-Road Day organizer Can-Am is setting up shop to show off its latest machines and set some top pro racers loose on the trails.

Best UTV rental outfitters in the area: Sand Hollow Rentals and ATV Rentals Utah.

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