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This Treehouse Home In The Clouds Is A Total Dream: Let’s Take A Tour

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We’re manifesting creatures, whether we realize it or not. The problem is we don’t like calling it manifesting unless we’re creating something we actually want. The trick is to know how we’re doing this thing called manifesting. Once we understand the fundamentals, we may apply them to any area of our lives. For my approach, the Life+Design Method™, we begin by identifying what we want. Everything starts with our desire and the values we hold dear. When thinking about our home, we want to consider our space as if it’s our living vision board…because it is!

In my life, I knew I wanted a greater sense of play, ease, and connection, so everything in our home communicates those values. For example, I painted the subfloor kelly green for a few reasons: Green is my favorite color and also speaks to growth, possibility, renewal, and play, and offers a seamless connection to the outdoors…and it was also just so much fun giving myself permission to be bold! A hammock hangs in the living room, which reflects more of that laidback ease I wanted to infuse throughout. Every space in our little home holds some symbolic reflection of our aspirations and values — reminders of what we love about our life and ourselves.

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