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This Is Real Reason You Want To Chop Your Hair After A Breakup

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The term “breakup hair” by no means has a set definition. It can be interpreted in a million different ways; however, most of the time it refers to the haircut or hairstyle change that someone may get (or do themselves) post-breakup. 

According to celebrity colorist Jenna Perry, the shift is more commonly related to cut than color. “You need to get the dead energy out, and with a really good chop, you can even feel lighter in spirit,” Perry says about post-breakup cuts. 

And for those who crave a longer look, extensions are one way to achieve just that. “I think changing your look gives you a new perspective on yourself,” Perry says. If it’s long hair you want, extensions can serve as an immediately gratifying shift while your hair grows out. 

While hair cuts may be the most common post-breakup shift, the brunette to blond transformation (or any other dye job) is another popular venture. Either way, Perry agrees hair might be the best thing to change given that it can grow back to normal with time. Or, you know, you can always dye it back.

Perry does caution her blond clients to take into account how long it may have taken them to reach their ideal bright shade and question if they truly want to cover up all of that time and money spent by dyeing their hair darker. That said, it’s important to figure out if you’re in it for the right reasons—here’s how to tell.

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