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Therabody Rolls Out Fleet of New Recovery Tools

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2. Theragun PRO Gen 5

We’re eons away from Theragun’s elemental massage gun that jack-hammered its way into our hearts (and fascia) years ago. Over 1,200 hours of testing and two years of product development went into finessing the brushless motor in the PRO Gen 5. It features QuietForce Technology, which preserves the power, frequency, and force but is 20 percent quieter. An on-device OLED screen now shows four built-in routines with visual guides: Sleep, Warm Up, Recovery, and Theragun Break. You can also connect to the Therabody app via Bluetooth for more personalized routines.

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While the signature triangular design hasn’t changed, the Gen 5 uses 85 percent less plastic than predecessors for a lighter environmental impact and boasts fast USB-C charging (no fumbling with a stand or digging around to find the device-specific charger). To further improve recovery, performance, sleep, mobility, and stress relief, six attachments come included: Standard Ball, Dampener, Thumb, Wedge, SuperSoft, and Micropoint (a new attachment with flexible silicone spikes that increase stimulation while gently relieving tension in sensitive areas).

Stay tuned for the Theragun Mini ($199) update. The amplitude remains the same, but that motor innovation from the Gen 5 allowed the Mini to get even smaller. Enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and ease of use with a USB-C charger.


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3. TheraCup

We’re big fans of cupping for recovery. The suction causes tiny blood vessels to expand and break under the skin, per the Cleveland Clinic. The microtrauma spurs your body to send more blood to the area to begin the natural healing process. It also helps with recovery by releasing scar tissue and fascial adhesions, boosting circulation, and promoting better mobility. Now, the problem with offering sports medicine to the masses is it needs to be true to the science but safe, efficacious, and consistent for people to do on their own. Pressure can vary cup to cup and treatment to treatment. The masterminds at Therabody had to figure out a way to control pressure and maintain that Goldilocks level of suction. The digitized cups boast ThermaVibration™ Technology that increase circulation by adding vibration and heat. There are three different levels of heat and suction decompression (30 kpa, 40 kpa, 50 kpa) you can control at the top of each TheraCup, as well as three interchangeable cup sizes (35mm, 45mm, and 55mm). As a failsafe, TheraCup will automatically shut off after 3 minutes of continual usage as well as if the internal pressure exceeds 60 kpa. The lip of the cup is also smooth and rounded for less irritation at point of contact. Localized relief with a professional-grade treatment you can do at home? Say no more.

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