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The Best Hybrid Running Shoes for the Road, Trail, and Beyond

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Although trail shoes might seem like an unnecessary purchase for most people, these dirt-adapted running shoes can actually be very versatile, and you don’t need to be a hardcore ultrarunner to get a lot of use out of them. If you regularly run on both pavement and dirt trails, hybrid running shoes (which combine features from road and trail shoes) are a great pick—they’ll feel comfortable on the road and deliver the traction you need to stay upright on the dirt.

All the shoes below are designed for the trail, so if you plan on only covering road miles, you’re better off sticking with a true road shoe. On the other hand, if you regularly tackle super technical, excessively rocky, or mucky trails, it’s best to look for a beefier trail shoe (or grab some hiking boots). But if you like to mix up your miles with dirt and pavement and need a pair of shoes that can handle both, these hybrid running shoes are great to have in your closet. They’ll hold up and feel comfortable across a variety of conditions and surfaces.

The Best Hybrid Running Shoes of 2022

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