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The Best Base Layers for Outdoor Training

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When it comes to outdoor recreation, protecting yourself from the elements is paramount. While puffy jackets and fleece-lined pants are great for providing warmth and a protective exterior shell, proper temperature regulation starts with base layers.

No matter if you’re skiing, hiking, biking, or running, keeping a consistent body temperature is essential for good performance. An effective base layer will wick sweat so you can stay warm without overheating or getting drenched (this will also combat foul odors).

When shopping for base layers, look for options constructed from premium materials like natural merino wool, eco-friendly recycled polyester, or high-performance synthetic fabrics. No matter what material you choose, make sure your base layer is designed for maximum breathability. To ensure you’re properly equipped to tackle your favorite outdoor activities, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best base layers from top brands including Adidas, Icebreaker, The North Face, and more. These are the top options to try.

The Best Base Layers for Outdoor Training This Fall

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