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Nick Kroll Talks ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and Pushing the Line on Comedy

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Director Jeff Nichols of Loving called you his best-ever casting choice—as ACLU-attorney Bernie Cohen. This is a movie to see twice. Your takeaway?

It was such a giant honor to have any part in that poignant, important, true story of Mildred and Richard Loving—and to watch Jeff ’s subtle and restrained hand with it all. I’m happy you saw it again.

Was it also refreshing to play a lawyer for once whose name isn’t Rodney Ruxin?

Such strikingly similar tones there, huh? Loving and The League.

Ruxin ranks among TV’s best jerks. What endears us to fictional a-holes?

I’ve asked myself that about him a lot. Maybe he plays into some warped aspiration of “What’s the absolute worst thing I can say to my friends?”

You’ve plumbed the joys of male puberty on Big Mouth for seven seasons. What draws you to those formative years?

Just that word. Adolescence is so formative to who you become. What we didn’t expect was how many kids of that age would end up watching the show—because it’s what they’re going through.

Human Resources now opens it up to all ages. Is animation the ideal medium to explore human sexuality?

Hmm, maybe. It’s definitely allowed our creatures—hormone monsters, shame wizards, ambition gremlins, etc.—to handle limitless issues. And not just about sex.

Don’t forget the talking penises. Do you ever have to reel yourself in?

There’s always a line, even when you’re pushing it. We’ll try something and be like—Oops, too far. It’s risqué stuff, but I’d say we’re way more conscious about it than a lot of things on TV and the internet.

Congrats on recent fatherhood. Has life gotten more serious or funnier as a result?

Serious—and funny in terms of what you now take seriously. Cheering on a filled, piping hot diaper. I never would’ve imagined I’d be as earnestly excited about that as I am now.

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