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NASM’s Updated Women’s Fitness Specialization

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Is training woman much different than training men?

In this episode of the “Master Instructor Roundtable,” hosts, and NASM Master Instructors, Marty Miller and Wendy Batts unpack NASM’s newly updated Women’s Fitness Specialization.

Joining them are featured guests, Brian Sutton, NASM Senior Content Development Manager, and Stacey Penney, NASM Product Manager, to help deep dive into key topic areas relevant to women’s health and fitness, as well as what’s new with the course, how this specialization can elevate your business, and much more!

The NASM Elite Trainer Bundle currently contains the following programs:
Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialization, Certified Nutrition Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialization, Behavior Change Specialization and Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

The most trusted name in fitness is now expanding into the wellness world. Become an NASM Certified Wellness Coach and you’ll be able to guide and motivate clients to make lasting changes through mental and emotional well-being, recovery, and more.

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