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Gorgeous Mullet Haircut Styles for Women

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Mullet hairstyles are the sexiest hairstyles a woman could ever have. They are versatile and can be modulated according to your requirements. So why the wait?

Let’s dive into the best  Mullet hairstyles for ladies of 2022.

  • Edgy Mullet with Bangs

Zendeya’s mullet haircut with bangs is a masterpiece for her. The sharp, edgy chops added style to the whole look. She styled it with a blazer fit and nailed it as she usually does. The honey blonde is a show-stopper.

  • Flair-Ended Mullet

The old-school styles are again returning to the top of the hair trend, and our Scarlett Johansson is taking great advantage of it. She looks ravishing with a casually styled, flair-ended cut here.

  • Slicked-Back Faux Mullet

Style and glam are definitely the main attraction of Rita Ora’s look. Her slicked-back mullet features faux blonde locks swept back, creating layer curves. This is definitely a must-try style, ladies!!!

  • The Curly Mullet

A sophisticated look is best for curly heads. A curly neck warmer cut is just as sexy as a straight haircut. What do you think?? Brushing down your curls and the natural volume will make it look much better.

  • Shagged Mullet with Spiky Ends

Shaggy Mullet women’s haircuts are bold and fierce. This really requires minimal attention and looks fantastic even if not styled. Blow dry the locs if you need extra volume, or just detangle roughly to create frizz.

  • Extra Long Shaggy mullet Hairstyles

You can still have a neck-warming style with long hair. To achieve this look, add dry shampoo to your hair. The salts in the shampoo will create a shaggy texture.

  • Mullet Shag with Curtain Fringe

Shaggy hair is the best and most hot-looking style. Getting curtain bangs on any neck warmer haircut will make it look fuller and sexier. Grab random pieces and curl to get the undone look. 

  • Feminine Choppy Mullet

Yet another blonde bangs style for long hair length. These will go with any dressing style and will look trendy too!!

  • Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Many girls and ladies love to have wolf cuts, the modernized versions of old-school neck warming haircuts. So here’s one simple and fresh style for you to begin with. Wolf cuts are the best long modern mullets for females.  

  • Short Mullet with Choppy Layers

Many girls and ladies love to add layers to their haircut to create volume. This is a  modernized version of the old-school neck warmer haircut. It could be a simple and fresh style for you to begin with.

  • Cropped Mullet

The Money Heist star (Tokyo) just leveled up the total concept of mullet hairstyles. The hair on the front is styled into a v shape, which is unique in these styles.

  • Punk Mullet

Here’s another short mullet woman looking bold, and Ursula Corbero made it a little bold and hot, pairing it up with a hot red dress. We would say she did justice to the style overall.

  • Sleek and Straight

Who says sleek and straight hair isn’t sexy? They are the center of attraction if styled properly; check out this style to give your hair the best styling. Sleek styles are always gorgeous.

  • Pinnock’s Sleek Mullet

Looking for a style to make your pin-straight hair look thicker? Start flat ironing it using a heat protectant, then use a blow dryer and dry the hair. Use hairsprays that provide texture to finish the look.

  • Modish Mullet

This modern mullet haircut for women is best for women with short hair length on the top. Roughly straighten and swing the hair to one side to create a style like this.


Mullet hairstyles are the best styles to change your look, ladies; use a dry shampoo while styling, which will be a much-needed aid for texture. We hope you enjoyed these styles above.

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