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Buckle Up: The Best Men’s Belts of 2022

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There are some accessories in a guy’s wardrobe that tend to get overlooked from time to time. Take the seemingly humble belt. Sure, it holds your trousers up, but that’s about it, right? Not so fast. The best men’s belts go above and beyond, serving as the focal point of an outfit and showing off a dash of style and sartorial care in the process.

Any selection of men’s belts should focus on proven materials, like hardworking yet supple leather, along with high-quality construction. In other words, they should serve you well for years. The best belts get better with age—kind of like a great pair of leather boots.

Choosing a Belt

There’s a broad range of men’s belts out there to suit every style. Some options you can wear with your favorite pair of jeans, and others are perfect for dressing up with a suit. Ideally, you should have a mix of both or at least a reliable everyday belt, a dress belt, and perhaps another more casual option.

Of course, your belt should also match your shoes (or at least get quite close), so be sure to select a color and material that’s versatile enough to work with multiple pairs of shoes.

We’ll leave the actual selection up to you, but to kickstart your shopping, here are our favorite men’s belts for 2022.

The Best Men’s Belts of 2022

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