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On April 27th 2022, a posse of women leaders (and a few brave men) converged at Dockside in Sydney to celebrate.
It was a celebration of doors pushed open, ceilings shattered, and opportunities claimed.
It was a celebration of togetherness and unity after two years of division and isolation.
And, it was a celebration of standing up and standing out as women in the fitness industry.
That celebration was Fuel Women’s Fitness Business Summit.

Here’s a 60-second glimpse into the magic that was created by everyone in the room that day, as captured by the exceptional Nathan Short from Colourbeat.

Join us in 2023. Pre-register for just $49.

About Fuel

Fuel is a one-day personal and professional development experience that fires up our delegates and sets their business spirit alight.
We’re driven to help fitness business leaders, both existing and aspiring, find the tools, support and strategies that will accelerate their passion and success, and allow them to create massive impact by learning from female business leaders that have achieved success that we all thrive for.
Fuel is an inclusive space where all aspects of the fitness industry come together to learn, grow and create opportunities.

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